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About Lindsay

Being a native Texan, and going to college in a small town in Louisiana, I thought pearls were a staple, that lipstick was only for a fancy night out,  and that wearing a child sized t-shirt and faded jeans were acceptable for a Saturday night on the town.  Then I moved to NYC and realized my old fashion and beauty ways would get me nowhere both professionally and personally.  I accepted a job doing research for the beauty industry (which I feel goes hand in hand with fashion) and after 4 years of being a “New Yorker” I have changed my ways.  I have learned to embrace “costume” jewelry, and that tights are not just for old ladies in the workplace but that they are a great way to accessorize, that black and brown go amazingly well together, that your skin can’t survive on the same moisturizer year round and that red lipstick is a huge statement piece.

I don’t really have a defined style and I’m not saying I’m always stylish, but I am always me.  My style is all over the place… one day I will channel classic and elegant, the next I channel bohemian chic, then maybe I’ll throw in a little trendy the next day.  It all totally depends on what I feel like that morning.  Besides loving to look at all things beauty and fashion, I also love to travel, theme parties and I love baking!  I really despise cold weather and I still have not perfected how to look chic and warm, I’m not sure I ever will.  Did I mention I was from Texas?

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