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About Amanda

For me, personal style has always been embracing what God gave me and working with my best assets. Over the years, this has meant learning to love my long, curly hair even when people told me it was “unprofessional” and coming to terms with the fact that I am a pale, Irish girl who needs to use sunscreen. I know what works for me and what I like. My style is constantly evolving, and the concept of a “uniform” in my world doesn’t really exist (unless my obsession with having a nude and black shade of almost everything I own counts!).

Working in the beauty industry, and having to be an expert on all things relating to beauty, fashion and lifestyle trends has made my personal style evolve even more over the last two years. I love designer labels for wardrobe staples, but shop ANYWHERE for my trendy, colorful and printed pieces that I love to brighten up my outfits with. But if there’s ever a question of where something is from, assume it’s Anthropologie. I rarely ever wear the same outfit twice due to my addiction to online shopping, and I am known as “that” girl at the office who is always wearing sky-high heels. There is never such a thing as being overdressed in my world, and having color in every area of my life just makes me happy! I can’t go more than a couple days without doing my nails, and the girl who only used to wear pearls in her ears now owns more baubles that she can count! I love cooking, reading LOTS of blogs, unashamedly watching reality tv, spin classes, and I have a newfound obsession with DIY’s and glitter everything.

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