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About All our Loves

All our Loves is just that… everything we love.  Amanda and Lindsay (get it… the A in All and L in Loves? 😉 ) met first as co-workers and became close friends as time passed on.  We realized how much we had in common when it came to fashion, beauty and lifestyle that we began relying on each other for ideas and inspiration because we all have that one person you can send a MMS to and ask, “does this look okay?”.  We are constantly sharing text/tweets/emails for ideas and notifying each other of great sales so it was only natural that we combined forces and started a blog.

So our goal is simple, to provide you with an insight into our closets, what we love, spending habits and friendship.  The launch of this blog is at the start of a new year and we invite you into our day to day lives which consist of fashion, beauty, working out (hey, wishful thinking!), dinner parties and them some…

We are figuring out our sense of style every day and are excited to take you on this journey with us.  Feel free to contact us at

All our Love,
Amanda and Lindsay

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