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Kate Spade Spring Campaign

February 7, 2012

I am guilty of getting too much junk mail to my gmail account.  When I wake up in the morning, I look to see if anything is for me personally and if it is, Ill read it.  If not, Ill save it for a rainy day (hence why I have 6,000+ unread emails in my gmail).  Every now and then I will open up an email if it intrigues me that is not written just to me.  Last week I came across one from Kate Spade and in the subject line it read “we’ve pulled back the curtains on our spring campaign”.  So I opened it up to see what they would be introducing in stores and was surprised by what I saw. 

Kate Spade Musical Chairs Spring Campaign

This video was embedded within the email and I thought it was such a fun way to promote their new spring launches.  The video shows the whimsical, fun, quirky and super patterned fashion that we will be seeing in the stores.  The ladies in the video were styled by Brad Goreski.

The Kate Spade website is a must see during this campaign.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that they are having 75% off a ton of items right now…

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