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What We Love: Friday February 3rd

February 3, 2012

Here are some of the things we love this week:

1. Superbowl XLVI!  We are finally here and the Giants are in it to win it.  We cannot wait for the food, the commercials and the game this Sunday night!  Here are a few great recipes that you can try to please your guests if you are hosting a Superbowl Party or bring with you if you are attending one. 

– Chorizo and Shrimp Quesadillas with Smoky Guacamole
– Spicy-Sweet Chicken
– and Guacamole for dipping!  (for any of you Texans reading this… you must get this book “The Homesick Texan”  It has every recipe you could ever want or need from home!)

2. Kristen Bell!  I am sure we have all seen this video clip from the Ellen show of Kristen Bell getting a little excited over meeting a sloth, but if you have not seen it, watch immediately.  The fact that she can laugh at herself the way she is makes us love her that much more!

Kristen Bell on the Ellen show. Video from

3. Stripes.  Amanda and I both showed up to work in striped shirts, jeans, tan scarves, and tall boots.  Everyone kept asking us if we had planned it but we did not!  We forgot to take a picture as it was a busy day for me and Amanda’s last day but take our word for it, we looked like twins!  Whether the stripes are small, large blocks, or contrasting, we love them all!


4. That NY’s famous Groundhog, Staten Island Chuck, did not see his shadow unlike Punxsutauney Phil.  So, we are hoping this means that Spring will make an early appearance this year. 

Image: New York Post

5. Coconut Water!  Believe it or not, Lindsay hates coconuts, but loves coconut water.  (She also hates onions but loves onion bagels… don’t ask).  With the heat on full force in the office and at home, we cannot find ourselves drinking enough water to help us stay hydrated.  Thank goodness for Zico chocolate coconut water!  It tastes like you are drinking a chocolate shake and helps you hydrate quickly!



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  1. February 4, 2012 5:48 pm

    Yay!! GMEN!!
    To The Square Inch

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