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Snow Daze

January 22, 2012

Yesterday, NYC saw our first official winter snowfall!  It truly doesn’t feel like winter time without it.  Although we only got 3 inches (and by noon it had turned to slush) it was still fun to wake up to it falling outside our window.  I grew up in Houston TX where we only saw a winter freeze every now and then but every Christmas, my family and I, came up to NJ to celebrate with my fathers family where there was always snow.  So yes, I have seen snow (as many of my Yankee friends jokingly ask when we have a snowfall) every year of my life, but I still act like a little child when I see that first flake and hope for a snow day!  Although I really wanted to stay in an hibernate all day, I met a friend out to do a little “window shopping”.  Here are a few pictures of the snow in Madison Square Park.

V2012212102841  V2012212102933

Some of my must haves for snowy days are:


1. North Face Jacket (or anything that is a heavy down, mid length and has a hood!).  It can keep you warm and block out the wind.  The hood is helpful if it is snowing out and you want to cover your hair.

2. Hunter Boots and socks are pricey, yes, but I wear them year round and swear by them! I have 2 pairs of boots and many socks.  I put the socks with them in the winter and without them in the summer. 

3. Burberry Ear Muffs because sometimes, I don’t want hat hair and if I put my hood over my head, this helps to keep my ears nice and warm.

All my Love,

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