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Wish List

January 4, 2012

Christmas as an adult is much more different than it was as a child.  Remember the days when you used to wait at the top of the stairs until your parents had their coffee, finished stuffing your stocking and then finally told you to come downstairs to see what Santa brought you?  Well these days, I’m the one that needs the coffee before the youngin’s in my extended family come down to open presents. 

I normally am not good with giving my parents a Christmas wish list but this year, I gave them a few options and all of them were health and beauty related.  I asked for a Clarisonic Mia 2 (the smaller version of the Clarisonic), a Sonicare Air Floss (kind of like a waterpick but way more fun!) and a new Chi (mine broke right after I had cut my hair and thankfully it was right before Christmas!)


The Clarisonic Mia 2 is different than the Mia as it offers 2 speeds.  Here is a little bit about the device from the Clarisonic Website:

Using Sonic Technology, Clarisonic’s patented micro-massage motion works within skin’s natural elasticity to gently remove the impurities traditional methods leave behind- leaving skin softer, smoother and more beautiful.

  • Cleanses 6x better than with your hands alone in just 60 seconds
  • Works with skin, not against it, to gently massage away impurities trapped within pores
  • Prepares skin for better absorption of creams, serums and moisturizers
  • Gentle enough to use 2x a day

I can honestly say my skin has never felt better!  In just 60 seconds, I feel like the Mia has been able to rid me of my dry, winter skin!image

The Sonicare Air floss features microburst techonology that delivers tiny bursts of air and water in between teeth to remove plaque.  It is so easy and all you do place the pick between your teeth and push a simple button.  It takes me 30 to 60 seconds to do my entire mouth!  I am a huge fan of all Sonicare products! 

Because my parents loved my wish list so much, everyone in the family got a Sonicare Air Floss and a Clarisonic Mia 2.

All My Love,

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