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New Year, New Do

January 4, 2012

I have been blessed with versatile hair and because of that, I have never been one to keep the same hairstyle.  I change it constantly!  I go from long to short, curly to straight, blunt bangs to side bangs, parting left to right, you name it!  I have had long hair for the last 2 years and decided it was time for a change.  So I set up a hair appointment with my hair stylist and told her to chop it off.  I had short hair before but never had the patience to maintain it so I figured I would try it again.  It all happened so quickly but within a matter of a day, I had gone from long hair to short hair. 

clip_image001           clip_image001[14]

Before HaircutAfter Haircut

I am really happy that I made this change because my hair is so much easier to blow-dry and style.  Plus, it actually makes me style it because with my long hair, sometimes I would not put in any effort and would pull it in a bun. 

About a week after I cut my hair, my straighter broke.  This was a problem because it was the tool I used to curl my hair but thankfully I had a curling iron.  To me, a curling iron does not do the same thing as the straightener and I am so much faster with it! 

My colleagues think I am crazy when I tell them I use a straightener to curl my hair and so do my friends!  So in the next few weeks, Ill post a how to video soon to take you through how to curl your hair using a straightener.

All My Love,

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