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Brave April Showers With Chic Rain Flats

March 26, 2012

Working in the city is an adventure. I’m lucky enough to have a ten minute commute to and from the office everyday, but that does come with some challenges in knowing what the weather is going to be like and what to wear on your feet. I have, on more than one occasion, worn rainboots thinking it was going to rain and regretted it when the sun ends up shining all day and I am left without a change of shoes.

So I just happened to be in J.Crew this weekend when I spotted these, the shoes that would solve all of my fashion problems the next time a rainy day rolls in.Rainy Day Bow Flats JCrew

Image from

These flats are absolutely perfect for the days when you’re not sure if its going to rain but still want to err on the side of caution (or if you’re like me and you know it’s going to rain but your pants don’t fit into your rainboots and you don’t want to change your outfit!). I’m pretty sure I’ll even wear them on days when I know its not going to rain at all, just because you can’t even tell they they’re made of rubber. And the best part is…they were only $29.99!!! Granted, I saw these months ago, for three times that, and thought they were completely impractical (says the girl who spends over $100 on regular rain boots). But, for this price and this level of cuteness, these flats have become the rainy day essential I never knew I needed.

Ps. check out this PureWow post I spotted last week on the newest rain shoes from Melissa just in time for April showers!

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Cartier Baiser Volé

February 29, 2012


Image from 

 I have worked in the beauty industry for almost three years now, and I haven’t made a fragrance purchase. I attribute that to the high price point that many fragrances have, and the fact that I have received quite a few fragrances over the years for free that I actually ended up loving and wearing all the time.

On one store visit, I just happened to be perusing the fragrance section and this new fragrance by Cartier just happened to catch my eye. The extremely knowledgeable Sephora fragrance expert gave me the history behind Baiser Volé and the story, combined with the scent, made me fall in love. Translated to ‘Stolen Kiss’ in English, Baiser Volé is a romantic fresh, floral, powdery scent that is made solely from the lily flower, utilizing all parts of the flower. When Mathilde Laurent, Maison Cartier’s house perfumer was creating the fragrance, her goal was to please women, and chose a floral scent to accomplish that task.

Vanity Fair did a review on the fragrance and I loved learning more about the creation of the fragrance and Laurent’s intention for women who would wear it:

“Baiser Volé is a personalized rendering, a lily built from scratch. Laurent’s goal was to reach beyond its fragrance to explore the flower in its “raw, natural” state, from the texture of its silky petals to its pistils and stamen, smooth green leaves, and the stem sitting in water. She also helped to define its packaging, choosing for a sleek flip-top bottle inspired by the house’s iconic lighters. The scent—dewy, crystalline, and deep—is spontaneous and direct, as if the flower has been captured through a photographer’s lens at daybreak. In her mind’s eye, Laurent conjured a relatively pure image: a woman wears scent in the crook of her neck; a man leans in to inhale and steal a kiss. Not chaste, but hardly torrid—and definitely not overthought.”

White lily


Although fragrance is an investment in emotion and feeling, for me spending $100 on a fragrance I wasn’t sure was going to wear well on my skin was something I wasn’t ready to commit to. Luckily, Sephora has an amazing policy where if you buy an atomizer for $10, they fill it up with a sample of the perfume for you to take home and try. As I anticipated, I absolutely loved the fragrance and how it feminine and delicate it made me feel. My boyfriend, who also never comments on any of the other perfumes I wear, asked me what I was wearing the first full day I had it on. I unfortunately ran out of my sample of the scent, but I am definitely putting Cartier Baiser Volé on my next Sephora wishlist!

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Tory Burch Spring 2012 RTW

February 27, 2012

Despite the fact that almost every girl walking around NYC owns a pair, I’ve been coveting Tory Burch’s Reva flat for the longest time!! I love the chic simplicity of the style of the shoe and it really made me fall in love with the brand. Her use of bold colors, and simple styles with a bohenian twist make me used to want to go on vacation just walking by her store in the Americana Manhassat.


Image from

I’ve been following Tory Burch’s collections since her return to the runway last fall, and I love the color, texture (SEQUINS!!), and amazing, flowy pieces that are now available for this spring season on Although I can’t afford most of her pieces, here are some of my favorite looks from her Spring 2012 RTW show!

Tory Burch RTW Spring 2012

Images from

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What We Love: Friday February 24

February 25, 2012

In honor of the Oscar’s this Sunday, here are the five nominees we’re loving and can’t wait to see walk the Red Carpet.

Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara

This edgy newcomer rose to star status after her Oscar nominated performance in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and has become quite the fashion and beauty trendsetter. We can’t wait to see what she’ll be wearing, and how much she’ll push the envelope on the red carpet!

Michelle WIlliams

Michelle Williams

Nominated for playing one of our favorite icons, Marilyn Monroe, Michelle William’s quirky elegance always wows on the red carpet. It will be interesting to see whether she embrace’s some of her character’s style this year, or if she’ll stay true to what works for her.

Glenn Close

Glenn Close

The timeless and seemingly ageless star was nominated for playing a man this year in Albert Nobbs. Her chic, sophistication on the red carpet is always on-point, and reminds us of the star that she truly is.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney

George Clooney and Brad Pitt

This year, real-life friends George Clooney and Brad Pitt will be competing for the title for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Who would want to see two of the hottest actors walk the red carpet?! But truthfully, we’re more looking forward to seeing what Stacy Keibler and Angelina Jolie are wearing!


Images from 1, 2, 3, 4

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Spring Preview

February 23, 2012

Todays weather in NYC is in the high 50’s and let me tell you, it is a nice treat even if it is for only a day!  I really can’t complain because this winter has been so mild for NYC, but either way, I welcome this “warmer” weather with open arms.  This preview of what spring will bring has me dreaming days when I will not need tights to warm my bare legs.  So here are a few I have had my eye on and am loving the patterns, textures, colors and comfort of some of these shorts.  I can’t wait to get my hands on them


From left to right: J Crew Sand Dune Short : : Madewell Picket Stripe Clover Short : : J Crew Scalloped Short : : Zara Crochet Short : : Anthropologie Madison Short : : River Island Tailored Short

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Don’t Mess With A Good Thing

February 22, 2012

IntoTheGloss Image from

I happened to find this article from Beautylish about the dangers of mixing skincare products at the perfect time. While you surely won’t die from mixing brands or different ingredients (at least I don’t think so), this article was really eye-opening for me and helped shed some light on what’s been wrecking havoc with my skin over the past couple of months.

For months, I had been using the Aveeno Clear Complexion line and it was working for my skin, but not as good as I wanted it to. While I was using products from the same brand all with complimentary ingredients, it just wasn’t cutting it in terms of preventing that annoying pimple that would pop-up once a week. So I stopped using Aveeno, and switched to Cetaphil on a recommendation from a friend who also happened to be the Skincare Category Specialist at my old job. It worked great and I found that combining the Cetaphil Cleanser with Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes made sure I got all my makeup off prior to cleansing my face, and still left my face feeling hydrated and clear,

It was after Christmas when I decided to be adventurous and try something different in terms of my skincare regimen. I had just gotten my beloved Clarisonic for Christmas (which also made my skin break out a ton due to cleansing process that was 6x greater than what I was used to), and was walking through Sephora when I decided to try a new skincare brand that caught my eye. It was a kit that included a cleanser, moisturizer, and serum, and since it was from a naturally-inclined brand, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try something new. My skin HATED me for the decision (and so did my wallet considering each product cost almost triple the amount that I paid for Cetaphil). I was breaking out non-stop and couldn’t get my skin to stay clear for more than a day. I was also trying some new products from some of the clients my firm represents, which made things even worse! I finally put two and two together (along with attributing some of the sensitivity to stress with changing jobs) and stopped using the fancy, prestige, natural products and went back to old faithful, Cetaphil. I am happy to say that my skin has gotten back to normal, and I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to skincare. I will be sticking with my Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes and my Cetaphil Cleanser and Moisturizer, and won’t let myself get sucked in by the pretty packaging and  fancy ingredients in the land of prestige.

The moral of the story is that once you find a skincare regimen that works for you in the ways you want it to, just stick with it and leave the experimenting to prestige makeup products instead!


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DVF for Gap Kids and Baby

February 21, 2012

Diane von Furstenberg is well knows for her prints and signature wrap dresses but this go round, she is targeting a much younger consumer as she has collaborated with Gap Kids to release a new line this March.  Here is a behind the scenes video that Gap released with a  preview of the new line.

DVF for Gap Kids/Baby from

There are so many fun colors and patterns in this new collection.  She even has a few of her signature wrap dresses included.  DVF says in the video that she wanted to celebrate life and color in this new collection which I feel she has done just that. 

dvf for gapImages: 1,2&3
The last collaboration that Gap Kids did was with Stella McCartney and that line sold out instantly… I’m sure this will be the same story!

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